Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Well, not much has been happening over here since my kitchen has been packed up. I don't have any decorating tools except my hands and a few basic pans at my parent's house.

I've been creative in other ways this week and have been getting sewing lessons from my mom.

But, in between, I have made a few edibles. I tried a chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake recipe on Saturday. It was yummy even though I made the cookie dough balls a little small. Oh well, next time I'll know to make them bigger so there is more cookie dough in the cupcake bite. I experimented with a new frosting recipe and it was YUMMY. Do the words brown sugar frosting make your mouth water? They should!

We had our first GA game on Saturday and I made these to celebrate the occasion. I loved them! They were tedious, but so cute. I hope someone wants me to make these for their next football game party!

I'm hoping to be back in business next week getting busy caking again!

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